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Targeted Campaigning the Bane of Breakfast

More whining from the Breakfast Club in our current SDEA election campaign.  In another attempt to throw a dark shroud over the Strength and Unity Team of candidates, the Clubbers are now complaining about that “most evil” of actions:

Targeted Election Campaigning!  (cue ominous music).

From their latest email:

No, that’s not an April Fool’s joke. The self-named “Team Unity” incumbent slate appears to have sent campaign postcards to laid off teachers from 2012—and ONLY the laid off teachers— at schools all over the District, touting themselves as the people who “negotiated and voted to save your jobs.”

And the level of caring…hello…hello…anyone there?  Looks like the only people who care are the members of the Breakfast Club.  Because…?  They didn’t think of it first?  They realize that the info on the card is true?

Targeted campaigning has been done for decades.  I receive campaign flyers from candidates all the time during elections.  Many of them are directed at just my area, some are focused on items that specifically affect me and my family.  You don’t hear any of the mayoral candidates crying foul at this practice.

Oh, no.  Only the members of the Breakfast Club are upset.  Because it throws another big monkey wrench in their plan to take over SDEA.

One Breakfast Club candidate seems to take it rather personally:

Seat 5 candidate (and laid off teacher) Matthew Schneck writes in his blog post, “That doesn’t seem very ‘uniting’ to me. In fact, it seems like they’re exploiting the same divisions they created with the way they mishandled the concessions bargaining back in 2012.

Actually, it is just the opposite Matthew.  This information is very uniting.  It helps to unite the membership against your slate of candidates.  Because most, if not all, of the Club’s slate of candidates were HEAVILY INVOLVED IN CAMPAIGNING AGAINST SAVING 1,500 JOBS!  Or, don’t you remember that little fact?

And the “mishandled concessions” bit?  Exactly how did they do that?  Let’s see…We all kept our jobs, our reinstatements are coming back on schedule, our furlough days are coming back on schedule, the  board of education actually returned one furlough day early…all of the items in our negotiation with the district are coming true.

What exactly did you, Shane, Michelle, and the other Breakfast Clubbers do for our membership?  Oh, I remember – You Tried To Get Me Fired From My Job.  Me, and 1,499 other members.

Sadly, you need to look in the mirror.  It is you and the members of the Breakfast Club who are dividing our union.  Your heavy-handed tactics, your innuendo-based campaign posts, and your public negativity to all that our members do and stand for is beginning to take its toll.  Your actions are absolutely dividing our union into an unprecedented two-party state.

When will you and yours realize that your actions are not what are good for the ENTIRE membership? When will you and yours learn that sitting on the sidelines, watching and waiting, and complaining about every little thing that doesn’t go your way is NOT what is good for the ENTIRE membership?

Based on some of the responses to your group’s diatribes at recent rep council meetings, I hpe and pray that, in the next few weeks,  we’ll see the answers.

VOTE STRENGTH AND UNITY!   http://sdeducatorsunited.org/

I’m Dennis Schamp and I approve this message.  These are the musing of me, myself, and I.  I do not speak for any other person, group, or breakfast food.  However, I highly recommend the scones at Intermezzo Cafe/Apple Spice Junction in Hazard Center.  They are to die for!


Proposition 30 Passes! Proposition 32 Fails!

Congratulations.  Give yourself a pat on the back, because you deserve it.  We all do.  Every single member of SDEA – and right now I don’t care which “side” you’re on – deserves a pat on the back for our efforts on these two education-changing initiatives. Whether you walked a neighborhood, worked the phone bank, handed out flyers, called your relatives, posted on Facebook/Twitter/blogs, held up signs outside your school, or just mentioned these propositions in passing, YOU played a part in the future of education in California.  Thank you.

What does today bring?

First, those nasty furlough days are off the table.  The funding from Prop 30 ensures that.  Not just here in San Diego, but across the state.  And – based on the amount of money that begins to come in – the five we currently have may be reduced to 4, 3, 2, 1, or…dare I say it…none.  Our students would have a full school year.  It seems the public actually does value education.

Next, according to your ratified agreement, the long-delayed reinstatement of our previously-deferred raises comes into play.  We could see an increase as early as January.

Also according to your ratified agreement, our long-term players – Step 17 – will receive their 1% boost in salary compensation.  That’s a HUGE win in our books.

In addition, funds will begin to trickle back into the Prop. 98 fund, so that our future years won’t be so bleak.

Why were we so successful?  Your elected board created a plan to educate the populace, directed the activities, and sent us forth with guidelines, talking points, and other tools to get the job done.

The final up-side to all of this?  No more 8:30 pm phone calls from people asking for your vote!

Now – let’s reunite and move forward.  Let’s remember that your elected board helped the state pass Prop 30 and defeat Prop 32.  Remember that we did all of this while fighting to stop these costly, useless, irrelevant recall attempts.  If we can do that…heck, we can do anything.

But – we have to do it TOGETHER.

I’m Dennis Schamp and I approve this message.  These are the ramblings of me, myself, and I.  I do not purport to represent any other person, group, or breakfast food.  But I dearly love making eggs, bacon, and pancakes for my kids on a school morning.

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