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Targeted Campaigning the Bane of Breakfast

More whining from the Breakfast Club in our current SDEA election campaign.  In another attempt to throw a dark shroud over the Strength and Unity Team of candidates, the Clubbers are now complaining about that “most evil” of actions:

Targeted Election Campaigning!  (cue ominous music).

From their latest email:

No, that’s not an April Fool’s joke. The self-named “Team Unity” incumbent slate appears to have sent campaign postcards to laid off teachers from 2012—and ONLY the laid off teachers— at schools all over the District, touting themselves as the people who “negotiated and voted to save your jobs.”

And the level of caring…hello…hello…anyone there?  Looks like the only people who care are the members of the Breakfast Club.  Because…?  They didn’t think of it first?  They realize that the info on the card is true?

Targeted campaigning has been done for decades.  I receive campaign flyers from candidates all the time during elections.  Many of them are directed at just my area, some are focused on items that specifically affect me and my family.  You don’t hear any of the mayoral candidates crying foul at this practice.

Oh, no.  Only the members of the Breakfast Club are upset.  Because it throws another big monkey wrench in their plan to take over SDEA.

One Breakfast Club candidate seems to take it rather personally:

Seat 5 candidate (and laid off teacher) Matthew Schneck writes in his blog post, “That doesn’t seem very ‘uniting’ to me. In fact, it seems like they’re exploiting the same divisions they created with the way they mishandled the concessions bargaining back in 2012.

Actually, it is just the opposite Matthew.  This information is very uniting.  It helps to unite the membership against your slate of candidates.  Because most, if not all, of the Club’s slate of candidates were HEAVILY INVOLVED IN CAMPAIGNING AGAINST SAVING 1,500 JOBS!  Or, don’t you remember that little fact?

And the “mishandled concessions” bit?  Exactly how did they do that?  Let’s see…We all kept our jobs, our reinstatements are coming back on schedule, our furlough days are coming back on schedule, the  board of education actually returned one furlough day early…all of the items in our negotiation with the district are coming true.

What exactly did you, Shane, Michelle, and the other Breakfast Clubbers do for our membership?  Oh, I remember – You Tried To Get Me Fired From My Job.  Me, and 1,499 other members.

Sadly, you need to look in the mirror.  It is you and the members of the Breakfast Club who are dividing our union.  Your heavy-handed tactics, your innuendo-based campaign posts, and your public negativity to all that our members do and stand for is beginning to take its toll.  Your actions are absolutely dividing our union into an unprecedented two-party state.

When will you and yours realize that your actions are not what are good for the ENTIRE membership? When will you and yours learn that sitting on the sidelines, watching and waiting, and complaining about every little thing that doesn’t go your way is NOT what is good for the ENTIRE membership?

Based on some of the responses to your group’s diatribes at recent rep council meetings, I hpe and pray that, in the next few weeks,  we’ll see the answers.

VOTE STRENGTH AND UNITY!   http://sdeducatorsunited.org/

I’m Dennis Schamp and I approve this message.  These are the musing of me, myself, and I.  I do not speak for any other person, group, or breakfast food.  However, I highly recommend the scones at Intermezzo Cafe/Apple Spice Junction in Hazard Center.  They are to die for!



“I get slandered, libeled, I hear words I never heard in the Bible.” (hang in there – it’s a long one)
It still amazes me that there might be people reading the Breakfast blog and are still being swayed by their bombastic use of what they call ‘truth in advertising.’  The fact is, my friends, that they continue to relate the same old, tired, twisted versions of reality – useful for a personal agenda, but not so much if you want an unbiased version of the skinny.

1) Their headlines read like a tabloid headline: NEW: No Recall = No More Family Healthcare. It’s That Simple. 

Really.  They want you to believe that, should the  recalls not happen, you’ll lose your family healthcare.  Apparently they also know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, who the second gunman was in Dallas, and have solved von Daniken’s mysteries of the Chariots of the Gods.  Perhaps their next post might read “Batboy spotted in district headquarters!”

FACT: there is no correlation to who is on the SDEA board and the changing face of healthcare coverage in America.  None.  Don’t let them tell you otherwise – you’re too smart to fall for that blatant lie.

2) Now they’ve equated the changes in VEBA healthcare coverage as the fault of the current SDEA board.  Like we have that kind of power.  VEBA is a major player in the insurance business.  They cover many groups like ours throughout the state. These changes did NOT come about because of our membership’s overwhelming approval of our new agreement. These were being discussed at VEBA long before the summer had even shown its lovely face.

In fact – if you’ll remember – healthcare was one of the things that Bill and your board kept off the playing field during the agreement negotiations.  Healthcare was not touched.  These changes are not district mandated, nor were they initiated by the district.  VEBA is a company that is in business to help us…but they need to make a profit to survive.  They are allowed to change the way they distribute their HC coverage.  It’s not some secret plot, nor is it a devious way to keep you from having insurance.

If you had private insurance, through Blue Cross for instance, they could decide how your coverage could change at a moment’s notice.  They could raise your premium without so much as a by your leave.  Because – like VEBA – they need to make money  in order to exist as a company.

Remember – that’s a change in GROUPS.  You get to pick your healthcare every year and can choose the plan that best suites your needs.  These super composite rates paid by the district ensure that we receive continued full coverage at the best possible price. Now, they’re looking at a change in group levels, which might change how your co-pays and/or deductions work.  Just like any other insurance company is allowed to do any time of the year.  Without advance notice.

Sorry, Breakfast Club – this is NOT something that is the fault of the SDEA board.  It’s a fault of the economy. Oddly enough – VEBA has done similar changes in past years…while OTHER people were in charge of the SDEA board.  Why weren’t they involved in a recall effort?  Why weren’t they blamed for changes in health care group costs? Because it’s absurd to blame someone for something that is not in their control.   Otherwise, we’d have have recalls every year for the past several years. Do you remember those?  Neither do I.

FACT: We still have our heath care coverage 100% paid for by the district.  It’s in our contract.  Full coverage.  It was off the table in our Ratified Agreement.  We cannot control the state economy from our small room at SDEA HQ. We cannot control how VEBA chooses to create their group coverage systems.  These costs are the fault of our economy, plain and simple.

3) Notice their tired story about some ‘no layoff’ clause that we should have tried to negotiate with the district.  If you research unions and contracts across the United States, you’ll find hundreds of stories about unions attempting to include no layoff clauses into their contracts.  Many of them succeed in getting the language approved…and then end up “enjoying” layoffs in the coming year anyway.  Why?

Because in times of financial hardships, no layoff clauses are UNENFORCEABLE.  Here’s some evidence:

‘Top court rules ‘no layoff’ clause fails to shield jobs”


“Court rules “no layoff” clause doesn’t mean what it says”


“Municipalities may be able to lay off despite contractual no layoff clause”


FACT: Even IF our negotiation committee had put a No Layoff clause into our Ratified Agreement, there is absolutely NO GUARANTEE that the district would be bound to honor it.  Based on case law, and the continuing financial / economic situation in our state/country, any intelligent person would be able to determine the outcome of a no layoff clause next year.

FACT: A No-Layoff Clause would not be enforceable due to financial distress.

4) Their claim about being “100% right about Bill Freeman, his board and our contract” just doesn’t hold water.  Take a look back at my rebuttals to their posts and you’ll see facts countering their speculative fiction narratives.

FACT: They hope that, by posting the same stories over and over with the same twisted truths, that – sooner or later – you’ll believe it.  “If it’s on the Internet, it must be true.”  That follows the same logic as American legends.  They might be tall tales, but if they’re told enough, someone might believe it.

FACT: if the district comes gunning for us next year, I’ll be one of the people at the front of the line telling them to take a hike – and I bet you will be too.  We’ve done our part more than enough times.  But…this will only work if we ALL stop bickering whining and start working together.

5) The only truthful statement in their post is the concern about the lower support numbers for Prop 30.  There’s some nasty advertising coming out of the other side…even using “teachers” to call for the failure of 30.  Now that’s appalling.  Unless the public in SD sees us working together on this, we’re in danger of failing…and that will be a disaster.

Of course, with our focus divided between personal attacks AND convincing the public of 30’s merits, we’ve got a tough road ahead of us.

Please – ignore these recall efforts.  They’re divisive, invasive, and costly ($35 – 40,000 of your money).

I’m Dennis Schamp and I approve this message.  These are the opinions of me, myself and I.  I do not purport to represent any group, organization, or breakfast food.  Unless we’re at a church pancake breakfast as a family.  That’s a meal I could support.

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