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SDEA Elections Heat Up

Well, we knew it wouldn’t be long before the Breakfast Club slate started crying “Foul!” when this campaign season started.  See, while they all talk a good game, if you look at the experience record between them and the Strength and Unity slate, there’s no contest.  So it’s no surprise that they’ve already started planning to challenge the election…and it hasn’t even been run yet.

First they’re upset about our current president using his personal time to campaign for the Strength and Unity party.  They claim that having him supporting anyone is a violation of our election guidelines.  Not so, explained our election committee.  Sure, he’s the union president.  But he is also a private citizen, and a union member.  As long as he is not using his 8-5 work hours or and SDEA resources, he’s allowed to support whomever he wants in the upcoming election.

Now, the Breakfast Club is kvetching over the campaign postcards that arrived through the United States Mail from the Strength and Unity Party.  Since they came through the U.S. Mail, and did NOT arrive via interoffice mail, they are allowed to be distributed into our members’ school mailboxes (unlike straight campaign flyers which may NOT be place there).  These cards were completely paid for by Lindsay Burningham and the Strength and Unity Party.  The postage was paid for by them.  The election system cannot control the U. S. Mail.  Therefore, as explained by our election committee, this also was above board.

“But…how did they get my ‘personal information’ for the address?”  “They must have used an SDEA mailing list!”  Let’s see…these cards arrived at your own site with your name on the label.  I would have to say that that information was found on your school’s website.  Or perhaps they paid extra personal $$ for access to one of those People Search websites.

The Club is claiming that the SDEA address list must have been used.  Do they have any proof?  No – only their innuendo and guesses.

Knowing the members of the Strength and Unity Party, and how fairly they want this election to run, I sincerely doubt they would do anything to jeopardize a clean election.

As I’ve said before – if elected, the Breakfast Club Subversive Party will be the downfall of SDEA.  Their paranoia runs rampant, and we must do every legal thing within our power as SDEA members to ensure the election of the Strength and Unity Party.

Lindsay Burningham; David Erving; Kisha Borden; Scott Mullin; Kristin Brown;

and the other members on this slate.  They are what’s RIGHT for SDEA.


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