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Board Candidates Should Pay Attention When Voting

This Just In:  Leader of the No Waffle Party Publically Waffles! A Nation Mourns.

A Presidential candidate for a Teachers’ Union should stand behind their decisions.  They should be aware of the discussions and decisions being voted on in their board meetings.  They should know all of the details before casting their vote.  And they never, ever, should waffle in public.

And yet, that’s just what happened at the February 19th Rep. Council meeting.  Shane Parmely, the leader of the notorious Breakfast Club and current candidate for SDEA President, approached the microphone and loudly announced her intention to waffle…on an issue that she originally supported.

At the previous week’s SDEA board meeting, a discussion was held regarding the upcoming SDEA elections.  The Board was discussing the chosen company, and the cost of postcard mailers announcing the election to our members.  The members felt that the cost of the mailers was prohibitive, and the Board voted against including them in the contract.  Ms. Parmely, according to her own words, voted in favor of that proposal.  She threw her support against including the mailers.  Ultimately, the motion passed.

Just one week later, at our Rep Council meeting, Ms. Parmely took to the microphone, and indicated that she was now IN FAVOR of including the mailers.  Why?  Well…apparently she wasn’t feeling well that night, or wasn’t paying close enough attention to the discussion, or was confused on the issue she was voting on.  At least, those were the reasons she gave while changing her mind.

That’s right:  The leader of the Breakfast Club…the subversive group whose motto proudly proclaims No Wafflingwaffled.  On an SDEA Board vote, no less.

Now, as an SDEA member in good standing, and one with intimate knowledge of board actions, I can say this with all truth and honesty: Not once did I see Mr. Freeman, Ms. Burningham, Mr. Mullin, or any other Board member vote on a proposal without first getting ALL of the information or discussing it thoroughly with their fullest attention. If a Board member didn’t understand the topic, or needed more information, they ASKED for clarification before voting.  Conversely, in my years of experience, if a board member was unclear as to the topic at hand, they ABSTAINED from voting.

They certainly didn’t vote one way, then publically change their minds one week later.

Is this the type of President we want on our Union Board?  Someone who votes on issues without their full attention being given to the topic?  What would happen if – God(ess) forbid – that vote had been about a contract issue, such as our salary increase or our health care?  What if they had been voting on YOUR grievance?  Wouldn’t you want a President who knows and understands what is being voted on?

I know I would.

And that’s just ONE reason we cannot allow The Breakfast Club to take over our union.  They will take us back to the dark ages, where we sat on the doorsteps of the Pink Palace, dressed in tatters in rags, with our empty gruel bowls held out in the hopes that someone, anyone, would hear our cries of, “Please, Sir…could I have some more?”

If you’ve been listening to their half-truths and lies as long as I have, you’ll know of what I speak.  If you’re new to their propaganda and are being swayed to the Dark Side, I ask that you to speak to a veteran of the Rep Council so that you get the full story.

Come April, I urge you to vote for the Strength and Unity slate of candidates.  They have ushered us into an era of prosperity and respect for teachers.  And that is exactly what we need at the helm of our union.

In Solidarity!

I’m Dennis Schamp and I approve this message.  These are the musings of me, myself, and I.  I do not represent any other individual, group, or breakfast pastry.  But I have developed a strange craving for a Nutella-covered-bagel.  Go figure


SDEA Election Challenges Properly Continue

At the recent BOD meeting (Wed, 4/10), another challenge to the spring election results was brought to the Board for consideration.  Again, this challenge referenced the campaign email sent out by members of The Breakfast Club, in clear violation of the election guidelines in our organization’s standing rules.

Once again, after a brief discussion, the board voted to uphold the challenge based on the evidence presented.  And, once again, the members of the Breakfast Club who sit on the SDEA Board both voted to dismiss the challenge…even when presented with evidence that the election was tainted.

My question is: does their action constitute a breach of their fiduciary duty to the members in their areas?  We are elected to our board positions in order to represent all of the members.  We should be expected to follow the guidelines and rules of the organization.  And yet, when presented with clear evidence that wrongdoing was committed, these two members attempt to interpret the rules to their own (or guided) designs, and vote how they (apparently) are told to vote…rather than vote according to the rules of our organization.

I would venture that any officer of a major corporation who voted on issues to achieve personal gain would be sanctioned, let alone thrown off the board for breach of promise.

I’ll be frank: I also filed a challenge against this election.  Had I lost through a fair election, I would indeed have been gracious enough to step down and wish the new board member much luck with their new job…because they’d need it.  However, when faced with evidence that a small faction of members chose to circumvent not only the election rules but directives from our own district’s legal department in order to win their seats on the board, I could  not sit idly by.  It would not be fair to the other board members, and it certainly would not be fair to the 600+ members whom I represent with this board seat.

When there is an honest and fair election, I will be happy to be involved and let the results fall where they may.  Until then, I shall fight tooth and nail to continue to help guide our membership into a new era of educational stability.  I’m ready to run again.  And I ask for your support.

I’m Dennis Schamp and I approve this message.   These are the opinions of me, myself, and I.  I do not purport to represent any group, organization, or breakfast pastry.  That’s because my kids keep eating the doughnuts before they go to bed.  

“Schamp Likely Recalled”

…not likely.

That headline was from a recent Breakfast Club post, back on Nov. 15, after they submitted their collected petitions.

Another headline comes to mind when reading theirs:  “Dewey Defeats Truman.”

According to the election committee (God bless their hard work), The Breakfast Club did not submit enough signatures to force a recall.

They’ve wasted our time, energy, and money.  They’ve caused distractions and division within our Union.

And, ultimately, it was all for naught.

They failed.  Period.  No matter how many signatures they will tell you they “gathered” or submitted, there is only one word to describe this nonsensical recall effort:


Now…let’s get back to the real work at hand.  We need to come back together and support our board AND each other to ensure that our future in the SDUSD is secure.  We need to be vigilant against the district to ensure that our contract is upheld, the money we’ve earned comes our way, and that we can get back to the job of teaching.

We need to be united.  Not divided.

My name is Dennis Schamp and I approve this message.  These are the opinions of me, myself and I.  I do not represent any other person, group, or breakfast food.  However, now that our long, national nightmare is over, I’m headed out for an All American Grand Slam.  With Double Bacon.  


Bill Freeman Once Again Under Attack

In a true example of sour grapes. The Breakfast Club has once again turned their focus on our union president, Bill Freeman.

As you may have heard, their recall effort of Mr. Freeman failed.  No matter what they will say or publish in the next few weeks about the number of signatures they say they “received,” or how they compare it to how may people voted, the bottom line is:

Our union membership believes that Mr. Freeman is doing a great job.  The Breakfast Club did not get enough signatures to force a recall vote.  They can cry victory from the highest yardarm…the sad truth is they failed to remove one of our best union leaders.  So, you’d expect that they’d now be willing to return to the folds and work together to prevent layoffs next year, right?

Wrong.  If you believed that statement in any way, you’re wrong.  Now that they’ve lost their evil, distracting, personal vendetta against Mr. Freeman, they have to look for new ways to try and divide the union even further.

Hence their latest attack.  Now they’re complaining about how Mr. Freeman doesn’t take the furlough days that most, if not all, of our membership takes.  Here’s my answer.

So what?  So What, I say!

Mr. Freeman puts in more hours fighting for you, me, your co-worker…heck, even members of the Breakfast Club…more hours that even (I think) he’s willing to admit.  Where does he do this, you ask?

* He takes phone calls at all hours of the day or night from members who have concerns about their job, be it lay offs, poor administration, harassment from coworkers, benefits questions…the list goes on.  I wonder if any of The Breakfast Club members are willing to speak with concerned teachers well into the wee hours of the morning.  I sincerely doubt it.

* He works away from home on a regular basis, travelling to meet with other union leaders, trying to ensure a unified front for education funding reform within our state.  I wonder how many of The Breakfast Club members would be willing to stay away from their loved ones for long periods of time.  Probably zero.

* He walks picket lines, organizes rallies, heads committees…many of these on his own time, in order to ensure that our membership retains their best possible contract under disastrous financial conditions.  This past year, he was instrumental in saving 1,500 education jobs.  I wonder if the Breakfast Club would have been willing to spend their own, personal time to do this?  Based on the number of them I’ve seen on committees, probably not.

As far as I’m concerned, Mr. Freeman shouldn’t have to take the furlough days that you or I are taking.  He’s already paid those days back to us hundreds of times in the past two years, has continued to do so throughout the most recent election campaign…and I fully expect him to follow through with his commitment in the coming year.

That’s OUR ENTIRE MEMBERSHIP.  Not just the majority of us who believe in him, but even the people who don’t.

THAT’S how much he cares for our future.

Can the Breakfast Club say the same?  Based on their recent attack, I’d say not.

I’m Dennis Schamp and I approve this message.  These are the opinions of me, myself, and I.  I do not purport to represent any other person, group, or breakfast food.  And while this statement may be getting as stale as a plate of waffles left out on the counter for too long, it needs to be said.  

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