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A break from the vitriol

OK – while I still have more to say on subject of … you know…

I think it’s important to also have a bit of fun/whimsy/interaction with my readers.  So:

These past few weeks, my musical tastes have been running rampant.  I find that as I work – lesson writing, grading, etc. – I tend to put on music that will fuel my creativity as well as give me pleasure.  Here’s what’s been in my playlist recently:

Dredd Zeppelin: Un-Led-Ed

Book of Mormon soundtack

Spamalot! soundtrack

Tin Machine – Tin Machine 1

Surf Music’s Greatest Hits

The Best of Dean Martin

Two Rooms: A Tribute to Elton John

Queen: The Game

Adam Ant: Antics in the Forbidden Zone

Paul Anka: Paul Anka Rock Swings

So…please reply with what fuels your creativity – I’d love to know!


And So It Begins…

Should I? I mean, this is really getting exposed to the masses.  I’ve already got a hate-filled following at another WP blog.  And yet, they’ve been posting their lies, half-truths, and slander-filled announcements for so long, without anyone calling them out, that it seems sad no one has yet to stand up their bullying.

My only concern is giving them more ammunition.  To be sure, I love representing our educators as a member of the SDEA board, and I want to ensure that I have their best interests at heart. And yet, many things that have been said by this other, syrup-stained group that people have taken as the gospel truth, without hearing the real, honest-to-god facts.  And that is really pissing me off – especially when my name is dragged through the mud.

I’m quite certain that my speech at tonight’s Rep Council, down at SDEA HQ, ruffled many feathers, generated lots of hate speech, and gave them more ammunition for that thing they call a blog.  So – let’s set the record straight.

oh yes – tonight was an ambush.  No one there knew what I was going to say.  Having come off the tail end of one of their followers reading a statement verbatim from their website, I figured that I was also within my rights to speak from a prepared speech.  I didn’t even hear a question from their speaker…at least I followed the rules and asked a question before I began dressing them down. Told it like it is: They have nothing but malice and evil  in the heart of their blog, and they don’t care who gets hurt by their words. Their game is to stage a coup of epic proportions by attempting to force an EXPENSIVE recall vote of almost half the board. No time for us to come together and work towards a common goal – it’s their way or the highway.  There was more, but it was clear I had overstayed my welcome, and I headed back to my own open house, followed out by both applause and catcalls.

No doubt it was this type of well-crafted approach to public speaking – and “shining the antiseptic sunlight of truth” right back at them – that has prompted them to add my name to the growing list of SDEA board members who are to be recalled.

Apparently they can’t handle the truth.

NOTE: The items contained in this blog represent the opinion of me, myself, and I.  I do not claim to speak for any other person, group, or organization.  I promise not to yell “fire” in a crowded movie theater.  Ain’t free speech grand?

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