Ad Astra, Per Aspera


Dennis Schamp

11 year Teacher, survivor of 5 lay-off attempts.  Parent.  Husband (29 years and counting).  Comic book collector.  Star Trek fan.

Retired SDEA Board Member, Site Association Representative

Why should you care? With all of the other blogs out there…what’s one more?


* I’m tired of seeing others spread their innuendo and call it “fact.”

* I’m tired of having my…OUR…union attacked.

*I’m fed up with subversive groups who’s only mantra is Me, Me, Me.

If you’re a member of the San Diego Education Association, then I’m glad you found me. If you’re not, I welcome your presence, but you may not understand all of what I discuss.  Feel free to ask questions.

I do not represent anyone other than myself.  I welcome your feedback.

In Solidarity!

Please feel free to re-post my blog to the social media of your choice.


Got something to say? Come on down!

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