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Breakfast Club Supporters Break Campaign Rules

I originally typed this entry a week ago.  I’ve been hamming and hawing about posting it.  But, I can wait no longer, because our union members deserve the truth.  

All this talk about running a “clean campaign” seems to have been all for naught. 

It seems that The Breakfast Club’s supporters have just been caught using the District E-Mail Server to promote their slate of candidates.  (Names have been removed to protect the innocent…but I know who did what.)

Here’s the text of the email that was received by one of our members just a few days ago:


From: A Teacher at My School
Sent: Thursday, March 06, 2014 8:07 AM

Subject: sdea vote

Im sending over a flier with my recommendations for the election in April. They go against Schamp and SDEA but these people want to fight to improve our salaries and not just buckle and cower to the district/board.

A. Teacher


This was the attached flyer:



Personally, I like how the sender assumes that they are “…going against Schamp and SDEA.”  My role in all of this is to get someone in charge of our union that will work for everybody.  How is that going AGAINST SDEA?  I sure wish I knew.  I always assumed that the people in charge should be working for everyone in the union, not just pushing the agenda of a small few.  “…buckle and cower…”   Hmmm…getting the district to honor our contract, returning our money, and coming to us with an extra, unasked-for, returned furlough day, adding another 1/2% to our pay.  That certainly sounds like we’ve buckled and cowered.

However, I digress…

Let’s check our standing rules, shall we:

E. Campaign Finances and Use of Unit Resources (5/25/11)

5. District email addresses and/or systems shall not be used for campaigning.

  •      Using district email servers to support a campaign?  CHECK!

11. All campaign flyers/materials must include a disclaimer stating that the view and opinions expressed are those of the candidate and not necessarily those of the unit, CTA or any of its affiliates

  •     Failing to note that this campaign email is not supported by CTA, NEA, or SDEA?  CHECK!

Now, it’s not in the campaign rules (as far as I’ve been able to find), but I do believe there is a rule in place that forbids/prohibits members from doing Union business on District time.  And yet…If you not the time stamp on the email, you’ll see that this campaign email was sent out 37 minutes after the starting bell at our school.

  • Sending a campaign email at 8:07 am, during our contracted work hours?  CHECK!

What’s the Verdict?  Three clear violations of our standing rules. Not supposed violations, where you have to go and dig deep to discover the truth for yourself…but actual, on-the-front-page violations.

Shocking?  Not really.  For all their bluster about being above board and transparent, the Breakfast Club and their supporters are out to take over our union at any cost.  If that means breaking rules that are clear and unambiguous…well, apparently those rules apply to everyone but them. 

Is this the type of union leadership we want?  People who subvert the democratic process when it suits them, while pointing fingers at those who follow the rules?  If this is happening during the campaign process, just think what could happen should they take office.  Go ahead…I’ll give you some time…

I urge all of the members to break away from the subversive Breakfast Club and join me in supporting The Strength and Unity Party for SDEA.  It’s the right choice – especially where truth is concerned.

I’m Dennis Schamp and I approve this message.  These are the comments of me, myself, and I.  I do not purport to represent any other organization, group, or breakfast pastry.  However, now that a Sonic has opened much closer to my house, I’ll be supporting their Texas Toast breakfast sandwich.  


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